For the best result of your solution investment we urge all our customers and partners to enter Competella trainings. Below you find more information on the trainings we offer. If you want a customized training just contact us and tell us what you need. 


Partner training:

To help our partners to deliver our solutions we offer a 3-day technical training course. This is a part of the Competella partner program for certification of silver and gold partners. The course is typically held 3 – 4 times a year – please click here if you want to read more about the training.  


End-user trainings:  

These trainings are done by either Competella, the  Competella partners or by Competella training partners. Administrator and IT-Administrator training is typically held 2 times a year on-site – please click here for enrollment. 


Below you find descriptions to download on our online end-user trainings. These are held in English or Norwegian.

Online Admin basic end user training

Online Admin Statistic end user training

Online Agent and Attendant Basic end user training

Online Agent and Attendant Start-up end user training

Online Agent and Attendant update end user training