On this page you find the login to our Support portal (Competella ticket system). Here our partners and customer can register issues. If you don´t have the login to this page please feel free to send a request to support. You can also send your issue directly to Competella Ticket system.




Issue registration

When you do a registration, don’t forget to upload proper information to the registered ticket:

  • Detailed description of the issue. Call scenarios, behavior, describe what you already have done investigations on.
  • In the Title write first the customer name – then the subject. This will enable our support team to identify the subject matter and customers more effectively
  • Screenshots with date and time. Please attach a screenshot with date and time
  • Log files on the reported product in Competella. The log file will help us to identify and specify the issue faster
  • Contact person that have the rights to administrate and share a desktop if needed. With a designated contact person, our support gets better and more efficient



  • Don’t forget to update to the latest setup/patch on the product you have installed, check under Competella download area. Under the Competella download area, you can always find our latest updates and patches of all Competella Communications Solutions
  • A partner and customer must have a Competella competence, if you need, don’t hesitate to contact your Competella sales manager for a training proposal. Register for a Competella certificate for yourself or the whole department of your company


If Urgent

  • In the subject write Customer name and URGENCY
  • Set the urgency to P2, If you need to escalate to a P1, you shall call for assistance also!


You can also contact Competella Support Hotline if you have a valid support agreement on +46 8 465 011 95. Please remember to file your issue via the Competella ticket system before calling.

Competella Software Assurance

The Competella Software Assurance comes in different modalities:

Week days - normal business hours

24 hours support on Week days

24 hours support on Week days and Holidays


The Software Assurance includes right to use, access to updates, upgrades and access to 3rd line support during business hours by Competella through your system integrator. Also make sure to visit the Compella Download Area for the newest patches.


Professional Services

Competella deployments are done by our partner network. Competella does offer consultancy work in special situations which can be professional requirement analysis, customer specific integration and specific development projects. To request a certain supervision of a Competella project, please contact us and we will be in touch.



Agent and and user training are done by either the Competella partners or by Competella training partners.

Partner training,  is typically held 3 – 4 times a year – please click here

Administrator and IT-Administrator training is typically held 2 times a year – please click here

We urge all our customers and partners to enter the Competella training partner programs to ensure the best knowledge of our Competella Solutions for your company.

Questions regarding Support & Download